Conversation Wizards gives your brand a voice.

Building blocks

Our Conversation Platform is constantly evolving and stores all dialogues in its system. Therefore, the platform is rich in existing dialogues that can easily be adapted to meet your needs. This offers us the opportunity to deliver tailor-made solutions at lightning speed.


Voice Assistants limit themselves to understanding an entered question and generating a corresponding standard answer. Our intelligent Conversation Platform gets to know your user and adjusts the dialogue based on the data obtained. This is how we give your user a personalised experience.

Easy Connect

Thanks to the intelligent Conversation Platform, all your existing tools can easily be linked to the different voice platforms, whether it is a web shop, a database, or a payment provider.


We manage all voice applications in one platform; not only Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri, but also chat, WhatsApp, and SMS. This allows the data and knowledge acquired from one application to be processed in the other.

Automatic updates

We are continuously working on improving our Conversation Platform, such as improving functional properties and optimising its usability. We automatically implement these updates on the platform for all our customers, so you do not have to adjust your links or dialogues yourself.

Our intake process

During the intake, together we determine the objectives of the conversation and check which data are already available. Then, based on these data, we can determine which interactions are important for the dialogue with your customer.

Platform determination

Based on the intake results, we jointly determine which service from Conversation Wizards best suits your needs. Do we opt for the automated service of DialogFlow or a full integration with our Conversation Platform?

Conversation flow & Tone of Voice

Every dialogue between company and customer is unique; voice and chat are no exceptions. That is why we search together for the right tone of voice in the conversations. Based on your linked data, we respond to the unique nature of your conversation and adjust the building blocks to conduct a personalised conversation.

Going live

If all is set, we can start! We roll out all dialogues we have created and switch from planning to implementation.

Realise its use

Now that the dialogues are available, together we must ensure that the customer knows that he or she interacts with you. Thanks to our extensive experience in creating online awareness and activation, we can generate optimum visibility for you. We prepare a digital media strategy and roll it out for the launch of your conversation.

Dashboard & Optimisation

Now that the conversation is live and the dialogues are being conducted, we can analyse the results and optimise the flow of your conversations. This is an ongoing process that continuously improves the experience of your users.

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