Conversation Wizards

Conversation Wizards is a co-operation between Addurance and the Movements Group. With Addurance’s knowledge about consumer behaviour, online marketing, and media and the Movements Group’s technical expertise and innovation, we bring together the best of both worlds. The joint love for innovation and new techniques moved us in the direction of Voice Marketing and here we have joined forces.


With our years of experience in digital marketing, we know the media landscape like the back of our hand, and we know exactly how to shape your customer journey based on defined objectives and target groups. We create a dialogue that perfectly meets your user’s needs.


We have a team of experienced innovation specialists, programmers, database specialists and UI experts. For example, our specialists have developed EV-boxes (innovation in electric charging), online platforms for the elderly (app & application), and smart homes. From platform creation, hardware to app development, we’ve done it all.


Thanks to our marketing background, not only do we have knowledge of media and digital technology, but also of consumers and their wishes. By means of a well-designed strategy, we effectively reach your user and create a platform for a mutual dialogue.

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